WMS Features included in all plans:

Real-Time Stock Management

real-time product and stock visibility, giving you transparency and traceability over your operations.

Order Management

Visibilty of the order well at all stages within the warehouse, coloured coded to easily see order status. Filter by customer, product or status to give you quick visibilty of order fulfillment.

File Attchments

Attached document to transactions, customers, suppliers and products. Upload, view and print PDFs, Word, Excel and image files.

In-Depth Reporting

With over 15 reports all the information from the WMS is at your finger tips. include Full audit traceabilty of stock items from time of receipt through to despatch

Customer Portal

Allow, limited, access for you customers to add, edit and delete orders
Full reporting suit locked down to the code allowing your customers to review up to date stock infromation


Office hour, Mon - Fri UK based support, with direct access to the developers.

Additional Features:
API Integration:

Keep your data consistent across your industry’s most popular platforms. We integrate with over 20 applications, including Xero, WoOCommerce, Shopify, DPD and Whistle.

HHT Licenses:

Our WMS runs on Android Hand Held Terminals (HHTs) and will require an APK file and license.

Corporate Branding:

Personallise the WMS with you company logo and corporate colours. The WMS can even be hosted on your own domain.

Our Pricing Explained:

Unlike traditional software, which is conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an up-front cost (and an optional ongoing support fee), Our WMS solution is priced using a subscription fee. There is NO setup cost for new customers and our pricing is currently based on system parameters, number of transactions and API integrations