System Delivery

Working within the agreed time & cost boundaries for each release, Newline continuously engages with you to refine requirements, demonstrate new functionality & gather feedback.  Using this approach and by focusing on the development of incremental modules, Newline reduces the chances of catastrophic failures that have been present in large waterfall projects.  

Currently our software applications are delivered as cloud / web-based applications, but if required Newline are able to also deliver a desktop application.  During development we continuously release versions of the system, each with incremental changes, for you to test and provide feedback. For each project we then host live, test and training versions of the software.  Our web-based solutions are aimed at Chrome or Firefox.  All other browsers are not supported unless specifically requested.

There are multiple approaches on how to design and develop an application but most projects use a combination of styles and architecture.  At Newline we are flexible and any approach, architecture or development style that suits your business can be used in our development approach and system delivery. Using this approach means that Newline can adapt our software solution to be in-line with any business and technical requirements that are already in place.