API Integration

Courier API

Courier integration connects the NewlineWMS to different courier platforms.  A courier API integration will help save time by automatically sending delivery information to the shipping courier. Specific rules and criteria can also be set to ensure the most cost-effective courier is chosen to complete the delivery.

Newline understand the importance of managing your shipments, which is why our WMS integrates with the biggest and most popular courier services. 

Adding a courier API means you no longer have to log shipments into multiple courier systems or manually update tracking numbers into your WMS and ecommerce platform.

eCommerce API

eCommerce API integration allows the WMS to connect the relevant to your online shopping cart. This allows you to take orders and process payments through their shopping cart, as well as track inventory and manage customer data more efficiently. 

When a customer makes a purchase through the shopping cart, the data will be automatically sent through to the NewlineWMS for order management, picking and packing.  Tracking information can then be updated within the WMS and shopping cart to provide a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Invoicing API

We offer a selection of accounting integrations that syncs your sales and inventory in one easy place, making taking control of your finances easy.

Other Integration

Aswell as standard API connections Newlines WMS can also connect to a variaty of other applications, see below for some examples