Our Approach

Newline currently use Microsoft development tools and Microsoft SQL database engines, this puts the best of Windows at our fingertips, so Newline can build great applications and services that work with every device.

Using the MS development tools mean Newline can quickly add to / scale up our applications to match demand and customer requirements not just during the initial project, but also allows growth and future development if the requirements change.

Newline recognise that each customer and project is different & our approach depends on the project management style that best fits your needs.

In the modern software development life cycle, many systems are now built using some degree of Rapid Application Development (RAD).  Typically, this involves, our development team working with you to gain a detailed understanding of your current business processes.  From here, we break the development down into modular releases & agree a high-level project plan for delivery. 

Newline believes that a RAD approach gives our development team several advantages over older approaches.  Having users interact with evolving modules means that the business functionality from a RAD project can be more usable and has a better chance of focusing on business problems that are critical to end users rather than technical problems that are of interest to developers.