Barcode Scanning

Internet and technology can be found everywhere in today’s society. Data becomes easier to store and extract, thereby allowing easier access, and then subsequently,  analyzed.  Newline make use of this to deliver scanning and mobile applications that meet yours and your customers growing requirements.

Warehouse Scanning

The mere usage of different modern technologies in warehouse might not produce the desired results. Personal can always find loopholes and can make use of it to achieve individual benefits defeating the very purpose of implementing these technologies.

The primary use of scanning applications within a warehouse is to save time as scanning and validating barcodes is much faster than entering the item id, location details into a PC or even using a pen and paper.  It also takes away the necessity of warehouse personal to know about any products being handled, as they just need to deal with product and location barcodes.

The benefits of scanning for general warehousing and other 3PL applications include improved accuracy and efficiency, reduced labour expense, improved real-time visibility to inventory and the ability to dramatically reduce the need for printed (or hand-written) paperwork within warehouse operations. While not totally paperless, the reduction in paperwork also reduces the amount of information needed to be keyed manually into the NewlineWMS from paper documents by general warehousing personnel or by administrative support staff. This accounts for much of the increased productivity and reduced labour expense.

The roll-out of scanning applications in the warehouse can typically begin in as little as a few weeks to a month.  NewlineWMS systems can be customized on an account by account basis to fit the needs and requirements of the customer. Phased deployments are typically recommended in which receiving, shipping and inventory control transition a scanning solution one at a time in 2-3 week intervals. This allows for the necessary training for each team.