Fulfillment Module Added To WMS Jun 20, 2023

As eCommerce continues to grow Nissin UK looked to expand their customer base and began to look for new customer requiring fulfillment orders, pick, pack and despatching but...
to bring these new customer would mean processes changes, additional resources and modification to their well established WMS, provded by Newline.

So for our Solution; Newline have added into the WMS a new fulfillment module.

With future growth in mind, Newline have created a module allowing Nissin UKto create flexiable API connections to eCommerce channels. These API connection will send information back and forth to customer regarding orders, shipments and inventory levels. The NEW APIs will automatically get orders from eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, unLeashed, wooCommerce and more.

The new module also allows the WMS to update inventory levels back to the eCommerce provider to avoid overselling products on the online platform. To complete the fulfilment module and give full end-to-end traceability, Newline have added shipping carrier integration, with API connections to DPD, APC, RoyalMail, and more.

The preferred carrier information can be pulled from the eCommerce site and at time of despatch matched against the carrier API to generate shipping labels. Finally tracking numbers and number of parcel are recorded within the WMS and updated back to the eCommerce platform.

With the fulfillment module still in development Nissin UK added Bays Kitchen as a new customer with fulfillment requirements. Working with Nissin UK and Bays Kitchen, Newline put the module live with the first orders imported from the unleashed API, picked, packed and despatched via DPD on 20/06/2023.

On time and in budget Newline delivered and both Nissin UK and Bays Kitchen as already starting to see the benifits of the new module.

For more infromation on Newlines WMS, contact on 0121 559 5566