AMS - Automotive Manufacturing Solutions Mar 01, 2012

Stock control and sequenced supply Controlling processes to provide a synchronous material flow is a complex task. It requires detailed lineback planning to establish appropriate stock levels and material flows at every stage of the supply chain. Equally crucial is the feedback loop that allows timely response to the inevitable interruptions or overruns that will occur in such a complex process.

Newline Computing describes its PASS package – which is used with suppliers to Renault – whereby planning, stock control and sequenced supply functions are coordinated and error-proofed especially at the point of dispatch. The planning element involves requirement schedules transferred via EDI with documentation received electronically. The whole system is structured in favour of automated processing but with the capability for manual override.

The warehouse management system allows stock control functions to be highly automated, with backorders generated and barcoded pick-lists produced automatically along with automated pick-face replenishment location. At each stage, appropriate management information is generated allowing detailed monitoring and control to be exercised. Sequenced supply is generated by a direct x25 link to Renault which identifies each vehicle about to be launched for manufacture with just-in-time messages received in sequence of manufacture. At each stage messages are validated and barcodes produced, while the system has extensive errorhandling protocols in place. WiFi scanners operate in real time with the application to ensure accuracy of supply Specialist s companies serving the automotive industry – such as GEFCO – seek to work with suppliers and manufacturers to generate integrated transport plans along with stock management and effective lineside delivery solutions. Other services respond to special circumstances and needs and can include delayed model differentiation ex-works or off-site in the contractor’s location. The aim is to offer a comprehensive and flexible service to manufacturers at times of significant change.

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