Promotional Coasters (Beer Mats) Jul 24, 2023

At Newline we love nothing more than a coffee and a chat to understand your companies requirements. So thought we would also get some advertising in at the same time and had the idea for some promotional coasters, that will also come in handy as beer mats.

So we hooked up with the design team at Geeky Creative to see what they could come up with. The designs looked great so all we needed now was a company to supply and print them.

Let me introduce you to Thirsty's bespoke beer mat printers.

Thirsty were brilliant from the start sending us some samples so we could see the quality of the mats and print options. We were imediatly hooked, once they got the final designs, they turned the order round in a few days and the result ?

Well We love them , check it out and let us know what you think ?