How To Choose A Warehouse Management System? Jan 14, 2023

Whether your goal is to automate your warehouse operations for the first time or to upgrade to a more robust warehousing system it is important to find the right WMS, ask the right questions of your software reseller, and successfully implement the system. Newline are confident that the more people know about warehouse management software, the more likely they are to choose Newline.

Control of Inventory

One of the key components of a WMS is putting processes in place to control and receive inventory and movement of goods through a warehouse. You can track inventory using a tablet or mobile device that can monitor and track SKU’s that enter and leave the warehouse. This helps to confirm that you are aware of the location of your inventory at any given time and will help you to control your overall inventory accuracy.

Management of Tasks

Having a WMS will take some pressure off your workforce. The 3PL Warehouse Management Software helps to facilitate efficiencies among your warehouse team. It will help to reduce wasted time and enhance your warehouse operations including and not limited to: product replenishment, cycle counting and put-aways.

Tracking Inventory

You will get full visibility within the entire warehouse cycle with a 3PL WMS system. A WMS provides real-time analytics of the location and status of all points through the fulfillment process. The key points of the warehouse operation that are tracked with a 3PL WMS are receiving, picking requirements, staging of warehouse items, packaging, shipping and delivery.


A 3PL WMS system can help to eliminate manual tasks, simplify workflows and cut down on human errors. It will help to ensure compliance to labeling standards and requirements and allows customers to print their own pallet bar coded labels for incoming shipments destined for delivery to your warehouse.

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