Will A WMS Benefit my warehouse? Sep 18, 2022

An industry survey of businesses noted the following top factors for migrating to a cloud based solution:
  • Need to reduce costs
  • Proven to be a more effective solution
  • Ability to reduce capital expenditures
  • IT systems can be upgraded and modernized faster and the implementation process is more simplified
Utilizing a cloud based WMS similar to Newlines software will in the majority of situations result in lower monthly operating expenses and will not necessitate a major investment to get the warehouse system up and running.
There is no need to set aside budget for hardware, maintenance recovery and upgrades. All of these fees are part of the monthly software fee.

Costs are also significantly lessened because of the reduced time that it takes to implement a cloud based system vs a traditional WMS system.

One of the most important reasons to consider a cloud based system is that with the inherent efficiencies of the software you will have an opportunity to provide faster and more effective customer support

Our 3PL cloud based software is used by 3PL’s, standalone warehouses, cold storage, food storage and fulfillment centers.

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